Fish Report for 12-1-2022

Photo Credit: Bill Cavanaugh

Seeker 12 Day

Bill Cavanaugh

Hi Gang,

We are out on our annual Seeker sponsored 12 day. We worked straight down to the Lower Banks on this trip to target giant yellowfin tuna. We spent a couple of hours on the Ridge on our way down and tagged some yellowtail, school size yellowfin tuna, and dorado. Our first day on the Lower Banks produced one yellowfin tuna that taped out at 294#, and one wahoo that was around 60 pounds. The next day we looked at a couple of banks to the south in hopes od locating a bigger volume of tuna. We were only able to locate school sized fish and no big ones. Today we are back up were we had our only big fish of the trip and we are putting in our time. No bites yet. Today and the previous two days have seen very good striped marlin fishing that have all been released. Our weather has been good and we have high hopes. Thanks for checking in. Life is good, Captain Bill Cavanaugh and the Intrepid Team

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