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On The Hunt

by AMERICAN ANGLER / American Angler Sportfishing
This first trip involved a lot of searching - they did stop on one deal of fish that didn't cooperate...hunting for the biomass 6 yt - not skunked
(More...) (Sunday, April 14, 2024)

Catch and Release

by BRIAN SIMS / Royal Star Sportfishing
Today we had some of the steadiest fishing I’ve seen in this area. We stayed put all day with 1-5 going on 80-110# tuna. With our wants for the larder already met, we released tuna after tuna, and fished for
(More...) (Sunday, April 14, 2024)

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Turning right around on our J.C. Charter 5 Day Offshore Trip

by BRIAN PIFER / Independence Sportfishing
We got in this morning from our Young's Tackle 5 Day and are turning right around on our J.C. Charter 5 Day Offshore Trip. With a great group of friends on the boat we left and loaded up our bait
(More...) (Sunday, April 14, 2024)

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Searching for Large

by BRIAN SIMS / Royal Star Sportfishing
Today we started off with a morning bite on the 70-100# tuna. When they quit , we went into. Search mode, looking for something larger. We searched until the afternoon for nothing. Then went back to our old haunts for
(More...) (Saturday, April 13, 2024)

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Island Fishing Today

by BRIAN PIFER / Independence Sportfishing
We took another break from the bluefin seen and decided to fish the island. Made some halibut driftsin the early morning hours and it payed off with a nice 25lber Eric caught. We also had a few more legals we
(More...) (Saturday, April 13, 2024)

Beautiful weather, good company, and bitting cod

by BRIAN PIFER / Independence Sportfishing
After a few days of driving around looking for the missing tuna, we finally was able to drop a line in the water. We had beautiful weather, good company, and bitting cod. It was a great day.
(More...) (Friday, April 12, 2024)

Great day

by BRIAN SIMS / Royal Star Sportfishing
We had a spectacular day of fishing today. The tuna bit in the morning and the wahoo bit in the afternoon. We have a bunch of weary anglers onboard as there has been plenty of yankin and crankin for the
(More...) (Friday, April 12, 2024)

Intrepid 2024 season underway!

by INTREPID SPORTFISHING / Intrepid Sportfishing
We depart on our first trip of the season today! We have spent countless hours remodeling the boat and prepping for our 2024 season. We are excited to fish with everyone and excited to see what this season has in
(More...) (Thursday, April 11, 2024)

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Tackle Tip Thursday Vol. 230 (Dropper Loop for Yellowtail)

by TEAM SEARCHER / Searcher Sportfishing
It's a tackle tip you've been waiting for! Are you targeting yellowtail, and not just any yellowtail, but the big ones? This demonstration by Penn Fishing Tackle's pro-staffer, Steve Carson, is the perfect way to get prepared. The Penn Fathom 2-speed,
(More...) (Thursday, April 11, 2024)

SOA update

by EVAN KRAFT / Spirit of Adventure
The SOA just returned from some of the best nature/whale watching in the world. Now we're just about ready for the fishing season. How about everyone else? On another note, The SOA is looking to add a chef into our rotation. If
(More...) (Tuesday, April 9, 2024)

Maintenance Update

by TEAM SUPREME / Polaris Supreme
We wanted to provide an update to our fisherman regarding some unforeseen repairs that have caused us to cancel several upcoming trips. Unfortunately, we broke a shaft on our last trip. The good news is that we have two new
(More...) (Sunday, April 7, 2024)

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